It is an interesting feeling. This feeling that we have returned to civilization. I have been contemplating what it is about Grenada that has made it feel “civilized”.

Could it be the food? There are some excellent restaurants. The island is big enough to have a variety of food choices. There are even a couple of Sushi restaurants to enjoy. (Rick loves Sushi). But we have had sushi on St. Thomas. We have also had magnificent food on a number of other Islands. The French Islands  stand out. We have had delicious lobster on St. Marteen, outstanding sweet potato fries on St. Barth’s, and some of the most yummy fish dishes on various other islands. There has been a variety of restaurants to choose from on even the smallest Islands. Plus I had this feeling the first day here, so no, I don’t think that is it.

Could it be the bus system? The bus system here is easy to use. Like many of the other island’s, the “buses” are what Americans would call vans. They run very frequently. No schedules needed, there will be one by sometime soon. We have used the bus system on St. Thomas, Nevis, and Antigua. The Antiqua’s bus drivers drive like maniacs. They like to play chicken with other cars, when passing slower vehicles. Going way to fast at times. The Grenadian bus drivers drive much more sanely from what we have seen so far, but we have not been to the countryside yet. So it is not unlike a number of other Caribbean islands, so I don’t think that is it.

Is it the cars, paved streets, well dressed people or well built homes and businesses. None of this compares to what is available in the US. It is better then some islands, but worse then some others as well. This is the first time in months we have been on a dock. We are at Port Louis Marina, St. George, Grenada. It is an adorable place. They have done a great job with the landscaping and layout. There are small colorful buildings surrounding the dock area, housing the many business offices, and retail shops. There is a pool, laundry and a shower facility, where you can take a shower under continuous water flow for as long as you want. We can walk to restaurants, grocery stores, chandleries, the bus stop, etc. Marinas are always way more convenient then riding in on the dinghy, but we have stayed in Marinas on St. Thomas that did not feel as civilized.

So what makes this place seem so civilized? I believe it is something that most households in developed countries have in every home and business. Something, I may have taken for granted. Now, after waiting around for hours for a download of one TV show episode from iTunes at an “Internet Café” in St. Lucia. Hanging out at small businesses, eating meals very slowing to allow time for updates to finish. Planning my day around when we can check for important emails or getting bills paid. The ability to check email, look up a recipe, answer silly questions quickly, pay bills, do a post here on this web-site etc, etc, etc. At this marina, they provide a motom for use on our own boat. For the first time in a long time that we have had reliable, unlimited, internet available from the comfort of my own “home”. The first time in a long time I have had instant access to friends, family and the information available on the world wide-web the majority of my day. So many conveniences are back at my finger tips. Awe, yes, it does feel like we have reached civilization indeed.

2 thoughts on “CIVILIZATION at last?”

  1. Union Reservoir Sailing-

    Hey Rick, just checking in on you! Thanks for the help yesterday, I hope you’re not too banged up, and I hope you’ll want to go again!

    My cell number is 303-909-2709

  2. For nothing will be impossible with God. ~ Luke 1:37.
    I am so glad you both are able to live your dreams and travel the world. I know this was a life long dream for Rick and sailing was his passsion. I am so happy for you both. I wish you safe travels.

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