Making a Big Splash

Here we are, beginning our third season or year (what-ever you want to call it) on AMARA.  We returned to Clark’s Court Marina in Grenada, on July 31st.  We like this yard and as far as yards go, this is a good one.  We just wish we did not have AMARA in any yard.  I trust I am not the only boat owner who does not like the sight of their boat suspended in the air.  It’s just not right. Having to climb up a ladder to get on board (I really don’t like heights), yuck! But when you have to paint the bottom again (long story) she had to be pulled. This was the least expensive place to store her there while we were off to see family.


Before going back into the water, we wanted to finish all the “under water” projects we could.  The new bottom paint looks great.  We changed the zincs, re-galvanized the chain and polished and buffed the hull to perfection.  After five days of climbing up and down to work on her, it was finally time to get her back in the water.  It is a nerve racking process to watch.  First they hoist her onto a trailer.

Transferring AMARA from the stands to the trailer

Next, they transfer her from the trailer to the travel lift.  The lift here at Clark’s Court is the largest in the Caribbean, 242 TON capacity.  They place straps under her. This process is called “putting her in a cradle”.

Rock a bye AMARA, into the cradle she goes
Rock a bye AMARA

Then we climbed over the very tip of the bow (which has a new bow sprit) onto the deck, as she was lowered into the water.  Surprisingly, no one got wet during this part of the operation.

Down we go...
Down we go…

Next we gave lines to the guys on the sides, so that once they unstrapped the cradle to let us go, they would help keep us from hitting the cement walls surrounding her.  Rick did a great job at the helm.  He safely navigated us out of the marina without hitting anything, including the many coral reefs surrounding us there.  AMARA was a motor boat for the day.  All her sails were still in storage.   We motored her around to Port Louis Marina, 10.6 nautical miles away.  Here we plan to complete many projects including getting her sails back on, installing her new code zero head sail, the Iridium GO, etc, etc., all while trying to not miss out on any of the great things Grenada has to offer like “hashes”(no that is not a drug), beaches, diving and attending our first Grenadian Carnival, to name a few.

I had heard the term “having her splashed” refer to having one’s boat launched from a large lift.  As it turned out there was not much of a splash at all. Clark’s Court put her in the water so carefully.  What a relief! What a great group of people to work with.

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