Highlights from Grenada Time

Emory and Kim from Someday, Rick and I with Ron and Cheryl peeking in

Getting back to Grenada meant getting back to our sailing friends.   Friends like Emery & Kim on sailing vessel “Someday”, and Gary and Torie on “Solitude”. We spent a lot of time with all of these folks at different places during our first year living on board. Our paths did not cross as much last year but thanks to Rick and Facebook, we have keep in touch. We are all excitedly preparing for the World ARC departure on January 6th 2018, so there was much work to be done but we found time for fun too.  We met some fun new sailor friends like Toni and Connie on Sage. (Two more Canadians for Rick’s stash).  They have almost sailed around the world.  We have also met Ronnie & Jane on Ghibli.  When they first told me their boat name I thought they said “Gimli”, a town near some of our Canadian relatives, but low and behold they had no idea where that was.  Turns out they are not Canadian at all.

One morning we went for a walk for exercise and to get some fish from the fish market. There were no fish when we got there. While waiting to see what would come, Rick found himself some more Canadians to talk with who were staying with a local family. When it became apparent that you had to know someone if you were going to get fish at that market that morning, our new friends decided they were going to where they could for sure get fish even if it were frozen. They asked if we wanted to come along, and would give us a ride. We accepted and we were off on another adventure.

Success getting fish from the frozen fish market

When we introduced ourselves the local/ Canadian, George, he mentioned that he could remember my name because it is the same as his wife. At some point we learned that his last name was Hood. Something came up in our talking about his wife being the Minister of Culture, so later when I could google it I discovered she truly was.   They took us to the market many miles north of where we met them then dropped us off near the marina. It was another one of our great experiences on the islands.

Celebrating our sixth Wedding anniversary by taking an island tour with Cutty’s tours was great.  Cutty is the island expert on all things flora and fauna.  He knows just about everything there is to know about the island. He stopped at what would seem to us to just be a wild area, then continued on to introduce us to the farmer as well as point out the various spices and foods growing there.

In front of the Flora and Fauna

It was a great example of permaculture.  We learned about the nutmeg production and processing and how the island is still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Ivan on the nutmeg trees from over twelve years ago as they are still growing the tress back.  We toured the Grenada Chocolate Factory, and went to the Belmont Estates where much of the caaco is produced. Yes, the chocolate samples were delightful. We learned something new on our 3rd tour of Rivers Rum plantation.


Cutty of Cutty’s tours, at Mt. Carmel fall

To finish the tour, since we had been to the first waterfall he was going to take us to, instead he took us to the Mt. Carmel water falls. It was wonderful to cool off in the water.

Jamming at Secret Harbor with Wendy and Vanessa

Another highlight for us was getting back into music. Rick had been playing a lot on the boat. We heard about a Friday afternoon jam at Secret Harbor. I thought I might be bored, but instead, I was greatly encouraged as Wendy was there even though she is a beginner. Vanessa, who organized the jams, encouraged Rick to come play at the West Indies Brew pub Tuesday night on stage Jam. He played there on the last Tuesday of August. I did a Facebook live recording just for the fun of it. He enjoyed the experience enough to want to go again on our Anniversary. So we ate at a yummy restaurant next door with Gary and Tori, and Ken, our boat neighbor on “On time”,  then went back for another jam session. He even dedicated a song to me.

But the biggest highlight of all was enjoying meals and getting to know Johnny and his family better. We met Johnny last fall when we were docked at Port Louis Marina. He was very friendly, and stood out to me because I saw him always working hard with a smile on his face. Last spring he introduced us to his family. When we were leaving we gave them a lot of the food that we did not have time to eat because of our earlier then expected departure. I am not exactly sure how the first invite came about, except that he and Rick had been talking a lot about the solar system he had hooked up to his house. So we went home with him after work one Saturday afternoon.

Dinner at Johnny’s house, Brenda, Debbie, Evan, Akayla and Rick
Johnny, Rick and Akayla, being sassy

His house was at the top of hill with a great view. I hung out and watched Mary Poppins with the kids, Evan (9) and Akayla (3) while Debbie finished dinner and  I think the guys worked on  the solar system.  In our six weeks or so in Grenada, we were also able to go to church with them. Afterward,  they fed us again. They are very gracious hosts.  This time I got to color with the kiddos while Rick did solar. We were able to have them over for dinner on Amara, as well. I am not sure the kids knew what to make of our spaghetti sauce. It was very rich. They did enjoy playing with the pirate costume and swords.  It was fun to get to know them.  Debbie showed me how to use “What’s App”, so we can stay in touch, now we can Text and talk from anywhere we can get wifi for no charge.

Akayla, Johnny’s little girl
Johnny’s son, Evan

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