Under the Sea Bonaire Style

A view of cool coral
Blue Chromis
Green Moray Eel and banded shrimp (One of Brenda’s absolute least favorite and favorite things to see under the sea).  Is it just me or does the eel look like he is going cross eyed looking at the shrimp?
Yellow Damsel in front of Brain coral
Scrawled Filefish
Mizzy & Brian Fishes from sailing vessel Kokopelli
Inshore Lizardfish
Staghorn coral “garden”, a very successfull man made farm
Juvenile Drum fish in front of Brain coral
Adult Drum fish
Susie-fish from sailing vessel NOMAD. (She truly is a fish this girl can swim and when diving comes up with twice the air I do)
Tommy-fish the other 1/2 of sailing vessel NOMAD
Sharp Nose Puffer also known as on of Brenda’s favorite Tiny and cute fish.  max length  3 inches.  Color in this photo does not do them justice.
White spotted filefish – Named for that cool spike he can stick out of his head. This guy can make his white spots come and go.
Spiny Lobster
New Dive Friends Mark & Debbie doing some dance moves


Sting Ray (hard to tell exactly which one since he was feeling a bit sandy)
Blue Wrasse
Debbie Fish
Slapper Lobster -picture taken on Ostracod Dive. None of those photos turned out.
Princess Parrot- love the colors
Mark fish
Banded Butterfly fish
Red Lion Fish – “WANTED DEAD AND FRIED” (these guys are trouble for the reef but yummy on the plate)
Brenda Fish Under AMARA for her first night dive
Extremely beautiful coral, (but we don’t know the name, we don’t have that ID book yet)
Spotlight Parrot fish, we really should have gotten more pictures of these guys they were everywhere and so beautiful.
Rick-fish (isn’t he cute?)
French Angel- there were many around Bonaire and they were dinner plate size, wow!
Princess Parrott (I know not as good of a picture as the rest, but it is my beloved PRINCESS fish!)
Brenda Fish behind field of sponges
Blue Tang
Steve from singdogsailing fish
Yellow Goat fish
Honeycomb Cowfish
Spotted Moray Eel (one of Brenda’s least favorite things to see and there were tons of them around)
Four eyed Butterfly fish
Porcupine fish, also known Spotted Spiny Puffer.  We thought this 3 foot one was large until….
This puffer we found was at least 4 foot long.  It is in front of Debbie who is about 5’8″
I was so excited when I saw this face behind Rick’s head, I scared him so much trying yo tell him that when he turned quickly he hit his leg on some coral and tore it up pretty good.  (But, but… that face was as big as Rick’s honest!)
Green Turtle, sleeping, hard to tell since the eyes don’t really close.

Brenda’s favorite Photo of all:

Brenda Fish, and her sleeping friend.

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  1. Amazing stories and photos, Brenda! So cool to learn about Bonaire, one of the places on our bucket list! Keep sharing — love to read about your adventures. And I LOVE the colors on your turtle and the princess fish!

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